Consulting & IT Outsourcing

Owing to a wide range of knowledge and vast experience, our team is able to realise IT projects for large Polish and foreign companies and deliver ‘tailor-made’ solutions. Our mission is to use effective, secure and reliable solutions in order to fully and truly meet the requirements of our Clients. The main advantages of outsourcing are:
  • Optimising the cost of IT services and reducing the financial input that is necessary to create and maintain high level of competence.
  • Increasing flexibility of the company – the use of external specialists makes it possible to respond faster to changes on the market.
  • Enabling the company to concentrate on its core business as its IT operations are transferred to an external service provider.
VAO delivers the following outsourcing services:
  • designing and implementing advanced Internet applications (PHP, MySQL, MsSQL, Coldfusion, Javascript, Flash etc.)
  • designing and creating desktop applications
  • creating and configuring databases
To make our offer even more complete we also:
  • provide maintenance support for existing IT systems
  • develop new systems and applications and expand existing ones
  • enter into cooperation already at the stage of business analysis and requirements analysis (and continue throughout the life cycle of the product)
  • organise workshops at the clients’ site
  • create a test plan and ensure proper quality assurance (QA)
  • implement new solutions into existing production environments (including integration with other systems)
  • offer full control of costs in the fixed price contract model
  • manage projects within traditional methodologies and frameworks (e.g. Waterfall, V-model) or agile ones (e.g. Scrum, Kanban)
  • provide support tools for distributed teams (to improve communication or incident and documentation management e.g.: Slack, JIRA, Basecamp, YouTrack, etc.) 

We offer the following services in the area of IT consulting:

  • compiling documentation related to business analysis and requirement analysis
  • checking the patent purity in the field of intellectual property
  • evaluating innovative solutions in accordance with the Oslo Manual and Frascati Manual
  • auditing IT systems for:
  • supported functionalities
  • non-functional parameters: maintainability, portability to other systems, etc.
The audit work can be carried out based on a non-disclosure agreement in order to duly protect any sensitive information. We put at your disposal a dedicated team of specialists and consultants in fields such as: system security, innovation, efficiency, source code quality evaluation, requirements engineering, business analysis, and more.